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Ayla uses a tale from mythology to remind us that it only takes a little to make a very BIG difference.

FMO’s 5th Future of Finance Conference kicks off in Utrecht

Bringing together over 500 global financial experts

Read the press release
Read the press release

Watch Peter van Mierlo

“We need to act decisively on the #SDGs and the Paris Agreement. At FMO we believe the private sector is not a problem but an important part of the solution," says Peter van Mierlo, CEO of FMO

Watch Linda Broekhuizen

" We have seen several cases during the conference of how technology can be used to leapfrog developments in countries like India and in Georgia", says Linda Broekhuizen, CIO of FMO

"FMO stands for quality, expertise and innovation. We are on the same journey to reach impact - you live the story and we try to support your story."

Sigrid Kaag, Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation

"#FinForward helped I&M Bank Tanzania in identifying solutions and uniquely positioning the bank in the market". Sharing experiences at the Tech Pavilion session.

Jorge Ruiz, CEO of Above & Beyond

Watch Brett King

Brett King: "The biggest financial institution in 2030 won’t be a traditional bank. The future of financial services? Competing with some of the best technology companies in the world. Two computers are enough to reach more customers and scale up! "

Watch Sony Kapoor

"We have to move from being fundamental providers of capital to being intermediaries", says Sony Kapoor, Managing Director international think tank Re-Define

Watch Lars Sudmann

"Leaders turn a mess into a message. They use the spaghetti principle for innovation: Throw an idea at the wall and see if it sticks", says Lars Sudmann, Sudmann & Co