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Future of Finance 2018


From your organization’s leadership all the way to your end user, people are the key to building a more sustainable financial system.

By becoming better, more inspiring leaders, we can empower those around us to make a positive impact in the world.

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Monday, 1 October


1.A: Prototype or Die! The Marshmallow Game

Patrick Leenheers and Rod Ben Zeev | Core Faculty, THNK School of Creative Leadership More

Experience the importance of prototyping in a rapidly changing world.

Our world today is changing faster and faster. That means that today is the slowest day you will ever live. If that doesn't scare you, think again! This requires significant change and innovation from organizations. One of the more difficult mindsets for innovation is that of allowing for failure — the openness to try, experiment and learn. In this hands-on, interactive and fun workshop, we will help you discover the importance of prototyping, the required mindsets, and why it's so difficult.


2.A: Gender Finance 2.0: Unlocking the Potential of Female Entrepreneurs in Your Markets (Panel Discussion)

Victoria White | Managing Director, Accion’s Global Advisory Solutions (moderator); Elisabeth Ballreich | Investment Specialist, Women’s World Banking Asset Management; | Mulenga Silwamba | Head of Retail, Cavmont Bank; Saskia Vossenberg | Senior Gender Finance Advisor, FMO; Anna de Lanoy Meijer | Founder and Owner, Anna + Nina More

While the financial landscape has changed significantly in the last decade, certain features seem stuck in the past.

In developing economies, the gap between men's and women's access to finance has remained at 9% since 2011. More specifically, over 70% of female entrepreneurs continue to lack sufficient (or any) access to the capital, products and services they need.

Despite a decade of financing initiatives, creation of investment funds and business development programmes targeting female entrepreneurs, women remain in a disadvantaged position with limited access to finance, and relatively few opportunities to grow their businesses. Why has the financial sector failed in reaching out to women? Isn't this a missed business and development opportunity?

In this panel discussion, experts, financial leaders and entrepreneurs will review and discuss what has been done so far, and what lessons can be learned from this “Gender Finance 1.0” phase. Which methods and tools have proven effective in enhancing the quality, accessibility and affordability of financial and non- financial services for female entrepreneurs? Going forward, what are they key changes we need to make?

Join this engaging session, and move one step closer to introducing a “Gender Finance 2.0” paradigm in your part of the world.


3.A: How to Be an Inspiring Leader: An Interactive Workshop

Lars Sudmann | Principal, Sudmann & Co. More

A workshop on innovation, change and self-leadership.

Building on Lars Sudmann's keynote speech, we will explore the topic of leadership further. We will apply some key tools of leadership in an interactive fashion, putting special emphasis on the topic of self-leadership—as great leadership starts with leading yourself. 

Tuesday, 2 October


Pavilion Session: Option 1 - Building Local Capital Markets: Issuing Currency Bonds and Beyond (panel)

James Doree | Managing Director, Lion's Head, ALCB Fund; Othman Boukrami | Head of Trading, TCX; Amaury Gossé | Global Head of MTN Trading and Origination, Citibank; Matthijs Pinxteren | Director Treasury, FMO; Michelangelo Fablo (moderator) | Senior team coach, entrepreneur and professional moderator More

In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore the potential of local currency bonds to help develop and strengthen local capital markets. What are the advantages and limitations of these bonds as development tools? What can we do to maximize their impact? How can we make them scalable?

At the heart of the session are the joint efforts by our panelists, TCX, Citibank and FMO, to issue currency-linked notes in various frontier currencies. Most recently, these included the Georgian Lari, Pakistani Rupi and Myanmar Kyatt. Speakers from each organization will share insights on what made these issues a success, what others in the field can learn from their experience, and how to move to true domestic issues. Also taking part in the panel is Chatham Financial, which has been doing extensive research on foreign currency risk management.

Audience members are encouraged to contribute their questions and ideas to the discussion.

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