Planet Pavilion

Future of Finance 2018


Our natural environment is in a constant state of change, introducing new opportunities and challenges.

The interactive sessions below will focus on the latest trends and tools in the fields of food production, climate adaptation and E&S risk management.

You can view a day-by-day breakdown of the general conference program here.

Monday, 1 October


1.B: Not your problem? Why socio-environmental risks should be everyone’s problem

Prof. Daniel Schydlowsky | CEO, Boston Institute for Developing Economies More

Professor Daniel Schydlowsky has been instrumental in driving collective stakeholder engagement in tackling socioenvironmental conflicts in the Latin American financial system. This interactive session will guide you through the nature, challenges and consequences of socioenvironmental conflicts, and how to approach these collectively by making it everybody's task to build the solutions. 


2.B: Scaling up Sustainable Finance

Nick Robins | LSE Professor in Practice, Sustainable Finance, and Special Advisor on Sustainable Finance, UNEP; and Bas Rüter | Director of Sustainability, Rabobank More

Investors are increasingly taking action to respond to climate change risks and opportunities. However, most investor strategies lack scalability and incorporation of both the climate and social dimensions.

Climate-friendly investments must not only be environmentally effective and economically efficient, but also socially inclusive. In this round table, Nick Robins will present his work for UNEP and the London School of Economics on sustainable finance, and explain why large-scale systemic change is urgently needed. Bas Rüter will provide the perspective of Rabobank, one of the world's largest practicing commercial banks, on how to operationalize sustainable finance.


3.B: Farmer Finance - Managing Risks in Agri Lending

Anil Kumar SG | CEO, Samunnati; Kola Masha | Managing Director, Babban Gona; Matteo Marinelli | CEO, Maha Agriculture Microfinance; Sephanie Doig | Compliance Director, Miro Forestry Developments More

This session will focus on different approaches to financing farmers.  How can we effectively manage risks? What means are available to create access to markets?

Tuesday, 2 October


Pavilion Session: Option 2 - NASIRA: De-Risking Portfolios Through Insights

Christiaan Pennekamp | Managing Director, Hypoport; Maurits Fliehe Boeschoten | Senior Advisor Structured Finance, FMO More

In this highly interactive session, we'll discover how FinTech can enable banks to understand the impact and potential within their portfolios.

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