Tech Pavilion

Future of Finance 2018


What do new developments in technology mean for your business and clients? Take a look into the future.

The below sessions will be hosted in the Tech Pavilion on 1 October. You can select your preferred sessions from this and/or any other pavilion during online registration.

You can view a day-by-day breakdown of the general conference program here.

To learn more about the Tech Pavilion speakers, please see this page.


1C - FinFoward: Crafting New Partnerships in the Financial Sector

Jorge Ruiz | CEO and Founder, Finconecta More

When FinTechs and banks are friends: new collaborations for a new ecosystem.

FinForward, FMO's FinTech discovery and acceleration program, has been running for a year in collaboration with Finconecta and Arise. During this session, you'll learn what the process has been like for two banks. This will include a conversation with the banks' leaders on how the new solutions are being implemented.


2.C: Cybersecurity

Rhett Oudkerk Pool | CEO and Founder, Kahuna Managing Security More

Session details will be added here soon.


3.C: Inclusive Partnerships and the Governance of Innovation

Prof. Erik P.M. Vermeulen | Professor, Executive and Entrepreneur, Tilburg University/ Philips Lighting; Nika Kurdiani | Deputy CEO, TBC Bank; Jack Ngare | Managing Director, Finserve Africa Limited More

Strategies for inclusive partnerships that deliver innovation, for you and your clients.

Banks and MFIs are part of a thriving and changing ecosystem, with the challenge of new collaborators and new competitors. This raises the question of how the leadership of banks should govern the process of innovation, and in particular, how to discover, forge and develop partnerships. Professor Vermeulen will give an introduction on the cutting edge thinking in this area, and guide a discussion with session participants on their successes (and perhaps failures?) in partnerships.

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