Tuesday, 2 October

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Future of Finance 2018

Tuesday, 2 October

This year, Future of Finance aims to help you bring together two core goals: nurturing the common good while growing a strong business.

The below program will take place entirely at Central Studios, Utrecht, with the exception of field trips.


Opening and registrations


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Nisha Pillai | BBC World News (moderator)

Workshop on Exponential Leadership

Singularity University More

Together with the audience, SingularityU (SU) will explore the mindset and skills needed to become a leader who can address the opportunities and challenges in a fast-changing world. At SU, this is called "Exponential Leadership".

An "exponential mindset" refers to SU's point of view that there is no problem we cannot solve when we apply exponential technologies and innovative ways of thinking. This is also sometimes referred to as an “abundance mindset.” With a a hopeful outlook on the world and our future, SU focuses its energies on empowering others to create the abundant future they envision.


Pavilion Session: Option 1 - Building Local Capital Markets: Issuing Currency Bonds and Beyond (panel)

James Doree | Managing Director, Lion's Head, ALCB Fund; Othman Boukrami | Head of Trading, TCX; Amaury Gossé | Global Head of MTN Trading and Origination, Citibank; Matthijs Pinxteren | Director Treasury, FMO; Michelangelo Fablo (moderator) | Senior team coach, entrepreneur and professional moderator More

In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore the potential of local currency bonds to help develop and strengthen local capital markets. What are the advantages and limitations of these bonds as development tools? What can we do to maximize their impact? How can we make them scalable?

At the heart of the session are the joint efforts by our panelists, TCX, Citibank and FMO, to issue currency-linked notes in various frontier currencies. Most recently, these included the Georgian Lari, Pakistani Rupi and Myanmar Kyatt. Speakers from each organization will share insights on what made these issues a success, what others in the field can learn from their experience, and how to move to true domestic issues. Also taking part in the panel is Chatham Financial, which has been doing extensive research on foreign currency risk management.

Audience members are encouraged to contribute their questions and ideas to the discussion.


Pavilion Session: Option 2 - NASIRA: De-Risking Portfolios Through Insights

Christiaan Pennekamp | Managing Director, Hypoport; Maurits Fliehe Boeschoten | Senior Advisor Structured Finance, FMO More

In this highly interactive session, we'll discover how FinTech can enable banks to understand the impact and potential within their portfolios.



Enjoy the festival environment, relax with a snack or drink, and get to know your fellow guests.

Field trips


See here for field trip options. 

You are welcome to continue spending time at the venue rather than joining a field trip, but please be aware that the conference closes at 15:45.




ACELERA is the first simulation game on digital transformation for the financial industry, and part of FinConecta's suite of learning solutions.

The game introduces participants to real-world situations that banking executives face with increased frequency, while presenting a series of decisions to be made in complex environments, providing the safety and thrill of a simulated reality. The simulation game’s content is tailored to address the main challenges that FIs currently face in their digital transformation journey.

When participants join ACELERA, they become Gaston Miles, the CEO of New World Bank, who is ready to embark on this journey. Players participate in rich discussions in their own teams and have the opportunity to interact with experts during the debriefs.

If you are taking part in this simulation game, please read this document first


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